Bag Toss Contest by Sleeman

Enter the Bag Toss Contest by Sleeman at for a chance to win 1 of 2,000 prizes. PIN code inside.

Who can participate in this Sleeman Contest ?

The Bag Toss Contest by Sleeman is open to Canadian residents who are of legal drinking age.

When does the Contest end ?

This Contest ends on September 1 at noon (ET).

How do I enter this Sleeman Contest ?

  • Open your case of Sleeman Clear 2.0 or Sleeman Original Draught to find your code printed inside the box
  • Scan the QR code on the bag or visit
  • Select the contest mode on the home page
  • Enter the code inside the box
  • Toss the bag for a chance to win

How do I know if I’ve won ?

After you launch the bag, your prize will appear on the screen. Once you complete the contact form and answer our skill-testing question, you will receive an email confirming your prize. If you do not win one of our instant prizes, you will have the opportunity to enter the grand prize draw for a chance to win a custom pocket set.

How often can I enter the Contest ?

Participants can enter once (1) with each entry code listed inside a box.

How do I play the VS mode ?

  • Gather a few of your friends
  • Open the Sleeman Clear 2.0 or Sleeman Original Draught box
  • Remove the pockets and turn the box into a pocket game (or use your pocket game)
  • Enter your number of players
  • Enter your names
  • Use the shot generator to see if you are really good at throwing the pocket
  • Receive a letter of CHEERS for each shot you miss. Once you have written CHEERS, you are eliminated. The last player is crowned champion

Prize Details to be won

2,000 prizes to be won:

  • 5 — Customized pocket game boards — ARV $300
  • 25 — Sleeman insulated backpacks — ARV $69
  • 250 — Apparel: Hats & Socks — ARV $2 to $17.50
  • 1,720 — Sleeman Promotional Items: Sunglasses, Silicone Beer Lids — ARV $1.70 – $3.50